Tokens in JAVA

→The token is the Smallest individual unit in a program.

→In a Java program, all characters are grouped into symbols called tokens.

→In a passage of text, individual words and punctuation marks are called Tokens. In face, every unit that makes a sentence in JAVA is a token.

Java has the following types of Tokens →

Keywords are reserved word for special purpose and must not be used as normal Identifier names. The words that convey a special meaning to the language compiler.

abstract continue for new switch
assert*** default goto* package synchronized
boolean do if private this
break double implements protected throw
byte else import public transient
case enum**** instanceof return transient
catch extends int short try
char final interface static void
class finally long strictfp** volatile
const* float native super while
  • * not used
  • ** added in 1.2
  • *** added in 1.4
  • **** added in 5.0
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