Computer Networking

Class – XII Notes

Full Form of Networking Words – 


S.No.WordFull Form
1NFSNetwork File System
2ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
3WANWide Area Network
4MANMetropolitan Area Network
5LANLocal Area Network
6PANPersonal Area Network
7BANBody Area Network
8NIUNetwork Interface Unit
9TAPTerminal Access Point
10NICNetwork Interface Card (in term of NIU)
11MAC addressMedia Access Control address
12IPInternet Protocol
13TCPTransmission Control Protocol
14TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
15IPv4Internet Protocol Version 4
16IPv6Internet Protocol Version 6
17URLUniform Resource Locator
18DNSDomain Name System or Service or Server
19WWWWorld Wide Web
20E-MailElectronic Mail
21RSSReally Simple Syndication
22FTPFile Transfer Protocol
23HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol
24HTTPshypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer
25SMTP Simple Male Transfer Protocol
26POPPost office protocol
27POP3post office protocol 3
28PPPpoint-to-point protocol
29DOSDenial Of Service
30KbpsKilo bit per second
31MbpsMega bit per second
32SSLsecure sockets layer
34AMAmplitude Modulation
35FMFrequency Modulation
36PMPhase Modulation
37RJRegistered Jack
38RJ11Registered Jack 11
39RJ45Registered Jack 45
42IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
43GSMglobal system for mobile communications
44ISPInternet Service Provider
45CDMACode division multiple access
46FDMAFrequency division multiple access
47TDMATime division multiple access
48SDMAspatial division multiple access
49OFDMAorthogonal Frequency division multiple access
50PDAsPersonal Digital Assistants

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